Exclusive Paper Bags With Gilding

Anyone who cares about high sales is looking for quality, eye-catching packaging for their products. At Solopack, we perfectly understand these needs, which is why we approach each order with full professionalism. We will be happy to advise you on the appropriate type of printing, as well as help in creating the structure of the packaging itself, so that it meets the sales and marketing goals.

Exclusive packaging

The possibility of printing on various demanding surfaces, e.g. metallized cardboard and the use of refinements such as hybrid varnishing, drip off, hot-stamping, embossing, die-cutting, foiling, as well as the final finishing on a folder-gluer, enable the production of luxury packaging. A properly selected raw material ensures proper protection and durability of the packaging, which translates directly into the correct protection of the product contained in it.

Laminated packaging

Laminated packaging helps in the proper promotion of the product. Properly designed and made, they are an excellent marketing and transport tool. Thanks to the use of the latest techniques, we can create a packaging coated with glossy or matt foil, depending on your preferences. The quality of offset printing will translate into high aesthetics of the box. Laminated packaging also creates a large field for the application of refinements. We will help you choose them for each project and create a packaging that will be hard to miss on the store shelf.


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